Bravo FlexAscreens are the leading removable, flexible insect screens that will fit ANY size or shape of window, door, deck, patio, porch, gazebo, balcony, sunroom or any other application that you have. Bravo's ultimate bug screen can also acts as a pet screen and will ensure that bothersome mosquito, ticks, gnats and other bugs are kept away from your animals. Bravo Flexascreen or flyscreen are custom manufactured according to your sizes and will perfectly fit any of your indoor and  outdoor openings. We even offer the perfect fit screen for your odd shaped and sized windows or doors which most regular screens will not fit.

Don't let annoying bugs, bees, flies, mosquitoes or insects shut you in, instead shut them out!  While keeping the bugs out, Bravo insect screens will allow continuous freely flowing air circulation in. This will enusre your living space is kept cooler and more comfortable, while saving money on air conditioning and energy bills.

We provide the ultimate in insect protection available with our Flexascreen fly and mosquito screens.


Windows Screen



RV- Motor Home








 We have 12.6 million screens installed world wide! The possibilities are endless with our products!

Our guarantee to you is that we use ONLY Highest Quality Materials. So you can be sure that you are receiving the Best!

Don't settle for those cheap and low quality imitations that promise but do NOT deliver! Bravo Flexascreens are the authentic insect screen that delivers on what it promises -easily removed flexible screens that can be used for all shapes and sizes of windows, doors, while keeping out all insects and bugs.

Our bug screens are constructed using genuine VELCRO® Brand fasteners & Phifer glass mesh. The Velcro fastners ensure that your screen will be  firmly and securely attached to your opening. Phifer fiberglass is the 'orignal' mesh on many of the windows, especially on the half-secree windows as well as mot storm windows. Phifer fiberglass is used because it is very strong, durable and resistant material that is ideal for screening. It will not damaged easily, so you screen will hold up for years to come. Phifer mesh fabric is also very resists  to corrosion and breakdown, making it virtually "the maintenance free screening". Bravo Flexascreen (mosquito screens) have several choices of mesh types and colors that are available to you. The Phifer glass makes Bravo Flexascreens ideal as the  choice for large patio and pool enclosures.

Our products are uncomplicatedt and make for easily removal in order to clean and maintain your windows and doors. Our products are designed to not obstruct or interefere with other doors or window treatments, making a simple and easy addition.



We also manufacter FLEXAPET, the Flexible Pet Screen, the most reliable pet resistant screens available! 

The pet mesh fabric is 7x stronger than standard mesh, so they resists any pet damage, especially due to tearing and ripping  from claws and paws! All the while providng your pet with full insect and bug protection!


Remember Most Manufactures Have Limited Sizing. We have More Options and Can Make Very Large Sizes!

We Ship World Wide Free of Charge!!!!

Universal insect and bug protection for any applications such as:

Window screens
Door Screen (Single Doors, Double Door, French Doors and Sliding Door)

Pet Screen
Patio Screen Enclosures
Gazebo & Pool Screens
Motorhome/ RV Window & Doors
Sash-Casement & Hopper Windows
Yachts & Boats
Tilt and Turn Windows and Doors 
Do It Yourself (DIY) Outdoor & Pool screen Enclosures and so much more....

 FlexAscreens are designed for to DIY, no professinal installation required.

Quick and Easy Installation, Only Takes Minutes! No Tools Required!!

 Manual retractable screens are available at: Bravo Screens

Motorized Retractable Screens and Shades available at: Bravo Motorized Skylights, Shades and Screens

FlexAscreens are Division is A Gandhi Group Company.

The Gandhi family has been in business for 115 years from India to North America.